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Rockdale RV Park Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

  • All space rent is due in advance. Any stay past the prepaid term is subject to additional fees of $10.00 over the daily rate per day. Nonpayment will result in immediate termination of utilities and all privileges.
  • Any guest terms can be non-renewed at the sole discretion of the Management.
  • Rockdale RV Park reserves the right to remove or refuse entry to any person who has disregard to the rules without a refund.
  • Absolutely NO firearms, fireworks, boom boxes, and loud noises of any kind. Illegal drugs are not allowed. Break this rule and you will be asked to leave the park immediately.
  • Quiet hours are from 10:00pm to 7:30am.
  • Rockdale RV Park will not tolerate any onerous, obnoxious, or offensive activity of any sort that could interrupt and/or adversely affect the enjoyment of other parties utilizing our facilities. In the event of such activities the parties responsible will be required to leave the park immediately, without a refund.
  • Speed limit in park is heavily enforced at 5 mph.
  • Please keep your RV in good working condition and clean. All trailers must always have fully aired tires. We reserve the right to refuse service to any rig based upon its appearance and/or condition.
  • No loud parties, loud music, or public intoxication at any time. No smoking inside the office, restrooms, or laundries. Guests are responsible for their visitors and their vehicles.
  • A positive sewer seal at both ends of your sewer hose is REQUIRED on all sites. We operate on a septic system. Please do not flush anything other than biodegradable toilet paper in toilets. (No sanitary products, baby wipes or flushable wipes).
  • All spaces have vacuum breakers installed on the water supply spigot. These are required by the city. If a guest removes it, they will be charged a $25.00 replacement fee.
  • Cleanliness of the park is important to us. Sites are to be kept clean and orderly conditions, as determined by management. Garbage dumpster is always available. The dumpster is for household garbage only. Please do not clutter your site. We must mow the area, if we cannot mow your area you have to weed eat it yourself to keep it clean.
  • No glass containers outside your site. Do not leave alcohol containers outside overnight. Cigarette butts are to be put in the trash after extinguishing.
  • All facilities are for paid guests use only. Please clean up after your use. Picnic tables are for guest use only. Clean up for the next person’s use. Please do not remove them.
  • Children are to be supervised and parents/guardians must assume responsibility for all actions of their children and their visitor’s children. No children allowed to play around the office area (running, skating, skateboarding, bike riding).
  • Indoor pets are welcome. NO outdoor pets allowed. Dogs must be cleaned up after and must be always leashed and under physical control of the owner/handler. Noisy or unruly pets are not allowed. Pets are not to be tied to trees or hook-ups. They are not to dig holes on the park. They are not allowed in restrooms, laundries, or the office.
  • Please do not park on open sites or on grass (park in front for back-ins and behind your RV for pull through’s). Do not park in the yard beside your RV. Sites are for one RV and 2 vehicles.
  • No washing of vehicles. RV’s may be washed ONLY with manager approval. There is a fee for water usage.
  • Please respect the privacy of fellow guests and do not walk-through occupied sites.
  • Unless performed by a licensed mechanic, on-site RV Repair company, no repairing or overhauling of vehicle is allowed in the park. NO OIL CHANGES.
  • Please keep all cords, cables and hoses coiled and out of the way of the grounds crew. No outdoor refrigerators allowed.
  • NO permanent fixtures such as wood or metal canopies, sheds, etc. are permitted. Porches per Management PRIOR approval.
  • Rockdale RV Park is not responsible for accidents or injuries due to fire, theft, wind, flood, personal negligence, animals (domesticated or wild), acts of God or other unforeseen acts.
  • We reserve the right to make changes to the rules, regulations, and fees that we deem necessary.
  • We request advance notice prior to leaving. Leaving without notice could forfeit your deposit.
  • Park is not responsible for fallen tree limbs.

If you cannot follow the rules, you will be asked to leave the park without refund.

  • Check in time is 2:00 PM – early entry may be available.
  • Check out time is 11:00 AM. Please stop by and say goodbye.

Cancelation policy:

  1. If notified before 7 days of stay 100% refund.
  2. If notified before 3 days of stay 50% refund.
  3. If notified before 2 days of stay non-refundable.

Rockdale RV Park is not responsible for accidents. All park facilities and equipment of the park are intended for the convenience of our guests. All persons using these facilities do so at their own risk.

Office Hours Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Saturday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Sunday Closed

Hours may vary

Completion of your registration and payment is acceptance of these rules.


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